Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Dear Jesse,

Lad, you have issues.

To start with you have wandered into my virtual living room -- this blog -- listened to one story, made an assumption (a faulty one) based upon a single point from that story, then insulted me based upon your faulty assumption.

Yes, calling me a "badge bully" is an insult. Stating that I use my badge to "beat the shit out of law breakers" is an insult.  Calling me a hypocrite is an insult.

When I answered your comment -- without calling you names, I might add -- you decided to double down on the insults.  Now I'm a "dick".

And -- I'm still trying to figure this one out -- your answer to me is (and I do quote):  "Well, there you are, with all the answers again."

Again?  How does one get "again" out of a single interaction?

You have wandered into a stranger's virtual party, proceeded to insult, condescend, and lecture the host (that would be me) in a stream-of-consciousness info-dump that may have been longer than the post that triggered it; and when corrected -- without insult -- you insult the host (me, again) further in another stream-of-consciousness rant.

From the "going straight to insults" style of your rants, the "all cops are bastards, m'kay" stream-of-consciousness, and the allusion to me having provided you with answers more than once -- despite only having one interaction -- I suspect you have some major emotional or psych issues.

And I am sorry for you, but I can't help you with whatever metaphorical snakes you have in your psyche regarding cops.  That needs help from someone with more letters after their name than I have.

I also don't think you'll be happy as a commenter here at The LawDog Files.  If you comment again, I'll mark your comments as spam, and let the spam filter take care of them.  If you comment as a Nony Mouse, I'll just bin your comments as soon as I find them.

Be safe.

Cordially yours,



C. S. P. Schofield said...

What a twit.

I have my problems with the direction Policing has gone in this country. I also think that the Black Lives Matter people are a bunch of slavering loons who are probably being used by somebody for some political end I can't quite see.

(Their tendency to leap to proclaim the saint-like innocence of critters who, it turns out, were thugs and idiots tells me this)

And what we need less than anything else is a "I know what's what, don't confuse me with the facts...or with big multi-syllable words neither" bozos.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

The boy doth protest overmuch, methinks.....

FarmGirl said...

Dear sir, or, to whomever else it may concern-

Regarding your disapproval, irritation, and other negative feelings about any post you may read on this, or any other blog not written or administered by yourownself, inasmuch as you are unable to speak civilly and rationally upon the subject matter concerned-

Bugger off.

Cordially, Farmgirl.

(Love from the northern flatlands, LD)

McChuck said...

You are so very polite, LawDog. You're a much nicer person than I am or will ever be. Then again, there's a reason I was military and not police - I prefer to deal with the enemies of civilization only once each, preferably in job lots.

Bless you and all the good work you do, including the entertaining way you describe the, shall we say, more reality-based situations you encounter on a fairly regular basis.

Robin Bobcat said...

I am a bit amazed that somehow 'having all the answers' is an insult of some sort. Is that not somehow a tacit *endorsement* of your position in the argument? Are they not effectively saying 'Well, I KNOW you're wrong, and no amount of your fancy words and facts is going to budge that'?
I gotta try this out.


"You smelly-faced botherer of baboons! You are more intelligent than I am! I refuse to accept your superior argument, you gravel-snorkling stuffed walrus! Someone told me that not only are you wrong, but also that you are a Montague, so I bite my thumb at thee!"

Yeah, no, sorry. Just doesn't work.

Robin Bobcat said...

Also, they need to learn how to use paragraph breaks. Huge text-block rnts that flop from point to point makes someone sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist standing on a street corner and ranting about their socks. Even if that is exactly who they are, people might actually read their posts if they can show some basic writing techniques.

Seriously, that rant is one step away from TimeCube drivel.

Jon said...

Wait... so the way to get Lawdog to post more is to fill his comments with personal insults so he feels the need to respond?


As always enjoyed your prose, even if it was in response to a weasel. Thanks for the chuckle.

Old NFO said...

Yep, he's off the rails... Hell, he's so far out in left field he's outside the ballpark!

Comrade Misfit said...

I tell commenters on my blog that I have a delete key and I am not averse to using it.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Why can't you be a caricature that doesn't challenge a preconceived notion of what it is to be a billy-club-wielding, pistol-whipping, Texas Hill (Country) Billy Cop? You can't really expect someone to do a little research that is merely clicks away, right?

Jesse probably has a college degree and votes. Scary.

Don't waste another thought on that one 'Dog.

Suisan said...

Dear LD --

This "Jesse" of whom you speak... Critter. Pure and simple. College Educated, probably brainwashed by years of exposure to Liberalism rather than Real Life. Might never face Real Life. I hope not. I love having the joy of protecting some foul-mouthed, cop-hating, Liberal thinking waste of life when they - in the face of Real Life - has called the Police to come "protect and serve" them when they, not the person they called about, are the ones breaking the law.

Yes, go riot, JesseCritter. Go Tell off the local Constabulary. Get into a "confrontation" with another Protester and then whinge when the local Bobbies look at you like, "What the hell did you expect?" The rest of us will go about our Real Lives and be the first ones to pull over to help the Patrolman who has to put the habeus grabus on your butt for resisting arrest and help him (or her) stuff your little gluteus maximus in to the read seat of a prowl car.

Salutations from the Hinterlands of Arkansas!

Eck! said...


You are a far kinder soul than I. I'd have hit him with a red card the first time
and all future posts would be a DELETE with a message that it did occur.

As to the Jessecritter, not worth an arguement or much consideration.


Robin Bobcat said...

... I am having trouble finding flaws with this argument. I mean, sure, cranky L.D. But more posts!

Robin Bobcat said...

Left field, outside the ballpark, and has wandered into a nearby nail salon to ask what inning it is.

Robin Bobcat said...

Except in as much as it causes L.D. To post more...

Robin Bobcat said...

Could be worse. Could be a gormless Big-L Libertarian and/or one of those Sovereign Citizen goobers. Juzt as dismissive of police authority and respect, but more likely to be armed...

Jonathan H said...

Whenever I see someone insult their opponent, I think of the very good point I have seen recently elsewhere: insulting and denigrating your opponent is NOT a way to get them to agree with you.
It reminds me of your 'Dear Trump Portester' article from last summer and its meme 'Do you want a Trump presidency? Because this is how you get a Trump presidency'
The more protests and complaints I hear about, the higher I hear his approval rating going. I wonder how long it will take before they realize they are hurting themselves? I would say shooting themselves in the foot, but it is much worse than that already!

Anonymous said...

I suppose that the best way to deal with trolls such as "Jesse" is to use the "billy goat" method. Just saying...

I do enjoy your posts. Please keep writing. Your thoughts keep me from considering the asinine antics of Governor Moonbeam & his "girlie-men" out here in the People's Republik of Kalifornia. They do give me such a headache!

I hope "Jesse" buggers off.

Ulises from CA

Dr_Mike said...

I think "Jesse" tells us all we need to know about him with his saying: "Do not hurt where holding is enough; Do not wound where hurting is enough; Do not maim where wounding is enough; and do not kill not where maiming is enough"

That's right, our intrepid SJW is so world-wise he's quoting a bad 1970's series, the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.

andrea chiu said...

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Robin Bobcat said...

Umm... That's actually from Kung Fu, the 'Shaolin Creed'. Might be a LOT older if they translated something, but I can't find a real source.

It should be noted that the Shaolin (and particularly the Kung Fu version) are very keen on being prepared and the quote means 'use the minimum force necessary', not 'don't use force'.

Robin Bobcat said...

Sorry, had to interrupt the posting due to a thing.
Anyway, the point is, the minimization of force is NOT limited to one's self. If you are using less force to prevent greater harm, it is totally legitimate.
Causing pain or even minor injury to subdue someone with the intent of causing yourself harm or even killing you is not a sin.

Dr_Mike said...

Robin Bobcat -

I did not know that. Thank you. I retract 75% of my snark aimed at Jesse...

pdwalker said...

ooh! ooh!

LD, your mother smells of elderberries! I fart in your general direction!

*sits back and waits for a new post*

Robin Bobcat said...

For what it's worth, I also know how to do the 'take the pebble from my hand' thing.

The trick is twofold. You strike downwards with your fingers forming a 'cage' around the pebble. This prevents your venerable blind sensei from closing his fingers around the pebble. Further, the inertia involved pops the pebble up into your own palm. Easy peasy.

Toastrider said...

Oddly, my reaction to the whole 'grabbing the critter by his upper jaw' story wasn't 'omg police brootality'.

It was 'Dammit, Lawdog, what are you doing getting into a scrum! I know damn well you're not as young as you used to be, and that sort of thing is what strapping twenty-year old deputies are for!'

I know, I know, needs must when the Devil drives, but still.

Anonymous said...

Hello, sir! It's hard to believe I've been reading your blog since childhood. This will be my first comment. This is gonna get verbose, so bare with me.

I have no doubt of your intentions and good conduct. You seem to be a little taken aback by the opinions of some on law enforcement. I've noticed this gulf in opinion on the subject. Some people believe that all cops are bullies, abusive, and Bad. Others believe that all cops are brave, righteous, and Good. There are some, but damn few, in between on this one. I hear it often said that most cops are alright and we shouldn't let A Few Bad Apples® spoil the bunch. I think it's one level up from that.

Bad or good seems to be a department wide issue. I don't know that you've directly addressed it, but I assume you come from a well run department run by a conscientious and engaged Shire Reeve. I'm willing to bet that any apple that turns bad in your tree gets pruned right quick. Long, long before a deputy gets to the point of unjustifiably beating a suspect into unconsciousness, he got fired for taking a fiver out of a drunk guy's wallet one time. There are many ways to make a solid, trusted agency, from excellent internal affairs (DC Metro), fully engaged community policing programs (Las Vegas Metro), or deep, personal connections to local populations (rural sheriffs offices everywhere). In counties and cities where officers are held to high standards and amoral officers fear being reported, good relations are formed with the community. From such places, you get citizens with the opinion that "All cops are good."

Not all departments are like yours. Some, through years of mismanagement, have an entrenched culture that is damaging to officers and those they serve, whether it be through appallingly lax hiring standards (The LAPD), a blasé acceptance of bribes and favoritism (The NYPD), or a willingness to cover up departmental wrongdoing to save face (The FBI). In counties and cities where officers are sheltered from consequences, and good officers fear reporting anything, relations with the community are damaged and dysfunctional. From such places, you get citizens with the opinion that "All cops are bad."

It would explain why even in the projects and ghettos here in Vegas, people for the most part respect their local cops, while in Los Angeles, any interaction might get a "screw you, pig!" however unwarranted. It would explain why prosecutors can slam dunk any case in their cross hairs in one city and struggle to get a conviction on a comparable case in another city. It would explain why an angry commenter refuses to be swayed by your frankness and honesty because of what he feels he knows about all cops. I'm not saying you should agree with him. I sure as hell don't. Just my opinion on where all this is coming from.

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