Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wow. That was ...

... quicker than I expected.

The dead-tree edition of The LawDog Files just went up on Amazon.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Let's see if this "pre-order" ...

... thing works.

Allegedly, if you click on this link, you will be taken to Amazon where you may "pre-order" the next book.

I remain suspicious -- as always -- of technology.


Sneak peek

... shh.  Don't tell anyone.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Holy dancing two-toed sloths!

That, ladies and gentlemen, was one of the most thrill-inducing rides of my life.

I seriously expected to make it into the top 1000 on Amazon Kindle, and when I went to bed at 1009 Paid in Kindle Store, I was perfectly content and happy.

Then Larry Correia dealed himself and his fans into it.

Oh, my dear and fuzzy gods.

When I finally went to bed, my little scribbles were at #87.  I am informed that they got up to #82 in the wee hours.

There has been much hyperventilation on my part.

Thank you, my friends.  I knew that my little brain-droppings were popular to a small segment of the Internet, but I honestly didn't think they'd have much appeal outside of my regular Gentle Readers.

I've been somewhat cured of that misunderstanding.

And I'd especially like to thank Peter Grant, Dorothy Grant, Jim Curtis, Larry Correia, and all of Larry's fans.

If you'd like to thank them for dragging me kicking and screaming into writing books, well, nothing says "Hey, thanks" like buying their books.

Of course, the biggest "Thank you" goes to the lady the book is dedicated to.


Okay.  News, since y'all seem to be interested.

The next LawDog Files will be out somewhat quicker than I had thought -- I'm collating and editing it now.

The dead-tree copy is due by mid-August; and I wonder if y'all would be interested in an audio-book?


Monday, July 17, 2017

And here ... we ... go!

The LawDog Files by [LawDog, D.]

Ok, Gentle Readers, here it is:  The LawDog Files, The Book.

I hope y'all find that it was worth the wait.  The print edition will be out in the middle of August.  Herself maintains that signed copies are vitally important, so we've got some adhesive ex libris plates coming in.  If you see me at a signing before the dead-tree edition drops, I'll happily sign one of those (if you'd like) so that you may add it to your physical book later.

I am collating the second book -- which will be Africa stories and random stories that don't fit anywhere else -- and hope to have it off to the publisher by October at the latest.

Enjoy!  Herself and I are off to quiet places far from cell-phone coverage, so we'll check in very late tonight.

Mildly freaking out, I remain:


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Memorandum For Record

To:  Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, so on, and so forth.

Your Majesty,

Your security detail sucks great big rocks off of the ocean floor.  No, I take that back -- if they sucked they'd actually be useful for something.

You do realise that your dramatic return to your home dirt could have been  cut short -- nay, pounded flat -- by a half-starved, illiterate beggar with a big rock, a bit of leverage, and a decent understanding of gravity?

What the hell did you think you were doing by tip-toeing through the tulips of a castle (maybe) formerly held lock, stock, piglet by enemy forces; and you two body-lengths ahead of your five-man security detail?  A security detail which also appears to be the advance party/survey section of your amphibious landing?

No, wait.  Your security detail is made up of the same people who were getting their butts handed to them by a bunch of business-men in stupid masks and skirts earlier.  My bad.


I don't remember what they cost you, but I seriously think you over-paid.

Yes, I understand that you're "The Queen".  I don't care.  Unless you relish the title of "The Former Queen, Gods Rest Her Soul", sit on your hands on a ship until the entire island has been searched -- twice -- by loyal forces, and the castle has been searched, dusted, searched, sanitised, and searched.  Then you can pull your MacArthur imitation in the centre of a properly-trained security cordon.

I swear unto Cheeto Jeezuz that idiot clients like you are what give the Personal Protection business a bad name.



Saturday, July 15, 2017


Official launch of The LawDog Files is Monday, but some folks got an early look at it, and it's spread like wildfire -- and I'm tickled pink about it.

The publisher is a bit giddy, too.

Some questions have popped up.  Yes, there will be a dead-tree release.  It's skedded for mid-August -- about a month, more or less.

We are working on the second book as I type this -- mostly Africa and cat stories, maybe some recipes -- and I hope to have it to the publisher no later than October of this year.

I am annoyed with myself after realising that there are a minimum of six cop stories that I somehow left out of this book; I'll have to get them into a volume somewhere.

Folks have gently pointed out that I have enough essays on this blog for a third book, and that's something to keep in mind, however, I have mentioned fiction in the past, so I'm going to dip my paws into writing some fiction.

That's about all that my furiously-spinning mind can come up with for now.



Thursday, July 13, 2017


Wow. This question is officially moot.  Lord, but I love my Gentle Readers.

Thank you.


Monday, July 10, 2017

Seven days



We're seven days out from publication date.  The name of the book is (what else?) The LawDog Files.  Author will be LawDog, although apparently Amazon requires at least a first initial and last name, so it will be listed at Amazon under "D. LawDog".

There will be a PO box set up if you want autographed copies -- although we're still working out the fine details on that one.

Last, but not least, I will be at AMA-CON in Amarillo on 05 AUG 2017, working a booth with J.L. Curtis, Peter Grant, Dorothy Grant, and Alma Boykin so if the dead-tree copy of the book is out, I'll happily sign autographs.  If it isn't -- we'll sort something out.

Cordially panicking, I remain:


Thursday, July 06, 2017

Eleven days to go

I am somewhat amused that I can tell a story involving the sentence "dumpster diving for midget porn" and my Gentle Readers will promptly begin debating the civility of dipping one's french fries into the chocolate shake.

Y'all really are the best kind of folks.

As of yet there isn't a "pre-order" set up for the first LawDog Files book, but if one does pop up, I'll announce here as soon as possible.


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Book update, the first.

Ok, Gentle Readers.

The LawDog Files will be released as an e-book on Amazon on 17 JUL 2017.  That's about 13 days from today.

Print copy will follow a little later.

Castalia House is the publisher.

Of your kindness, when you read the book, please leave an honest review on Amazon.  Apparently reviews are what drive book listings -- I'm still learning the fine details of the publishing world.

Now, I'm going to go breathe into a paper bag for a bit.


LibertyCon 2017 AAR

Well, I'm home after LibertyCon 2017.

My second LibertyCon was better than the first one, in that I knew what to expect and I saw people that I recognised.

However, a lot more people recognised me as LawDog.  Not going to lie -- I spent more time hiding this year than I did last year.

I met the original Kirk Conover from Monster Hunter:  Alpha -- there may have been squeeing on my part.  He and his lovely wife are the recipients of the first ever LawDog autograph.

Broke bread and had coffee -- at different times -- with Colonel Tom Kratman, John Van Stry, and Tom Rogneby.

Watched a panel on self-publishing put on by J.L. Curtis, Tom Rogneby, and John Van Stry that was incredibly informative and rather well done.

My all-time favourite panel of this LibertyCon was the "No [deleted], There I Was" panel where John Ringo, Tom Kratman, and other military veterans told side-splittingly (and R-rated) funny tales of their military service.

Got hugs from Jonna Hayden (Costumer Extraordinaire) and Sarah Hoyt -- did my gentlemanly duty and escorted Sarah to a book reading -- and witnessed Peter Grant baptising a couple of sprogs in the gardens of the Choo-Choo.

Met old friends; may have made new ones; found a decent coffee shop to hide in.

Although -- to a child of Africa -- "Frothy Monkey" does not present the kind of mental image that the owners might have wanted.  Just saying.

All in all, a wondrously good time, and I shall be back as often as they'll have me.