Tuesday, July 04, 2017

LibertyCon 2017 AAR

Well, I'm home after LibertyCon 2017.

My second LibertyCon was better than the first one, in that I knew what to expect and I saw people that I recognised.

However, a lot more people recognised me as LawDog.  Not going to lie -- I spent more time hiding this year than I did last year.

I met the original Kirk Conover from Monster Hunter:  Alpha -- there may have been squeeing on my part.  He and his lovely wife are the recipients of the first ever LawDog autograph.

Broke bread and had coffee -- at different times -- with Colonel Tom Kratman, John Van Stry, and Tom Rogneby.

Watched a panel on self-publishing put on by J.L. Curtis, Tom Rogneby, and John Van Stry that was incredibly informative and rather well done.

My all-time favourite panel of this LibertyCon was the "No [deleted], There I Was" panel where John Ringo, Tom Kratman, and other military veterans told side-splittingly (and R-rated) funny tales of their military service.

Got hugs from Jonna Hayden (Costumer Extraordinaire) and Sarah Hoyt -- did my gentlemanly duty and escorted Sarah to a book reading -- and witnessed Peter Grant baptising a couple of sprogs in the gardens of the Choo-Choo.

Met old friends; may have made new ones; found a decent coffee shop to hide in.

Although -- to a child of Africa -- "Frothy Monkey" does not present the kind of mental image that the owners might have wanted.  Just saying.

All in all, a wondrously good time, and I shall be back as often as they'll have me.



Retired Spook said...

Was good to see you there, and next year, I expect to see you in "Author's Alley". No pressure or anything.

Old NFO said...

We survived another one... LOL

John B said...

I hope someday to make Liberty Con.
Some years after that, I hope to be well acquainted enough with you sir, to call you Dawg. Or even Pinky...

Orvan Taurus said...

Must've missed you, but I was at least aware you were about. Good to hear you had a good time.

J Van Stry said...

Had a great time, was great to finally meet you!

(and the sm8.sitemeter.com server is broken, was keeping the site from loading for me, you might want to look at that)

Jon said...

I knew you were there, but missed you. I await your book with great anticipation.