Sunday, December 10, 2017

Busy, busy, busy


Both books -- The LawDog Files, and The LawDog Files:  African Adventures -- are now available in both digital editions and print editions.

As a Christmas gift for blowing my mind on book sales, if you will send an e-mail to:


 -- take the vertical lines out of the address, please (Death To Spambots!) -- with the name of the person to whom you wish to dedicate the book, any message you'd like, and a mailing address, I'll send you a signed bookplate to put in the book.

I'll do this for emails I get through December 31.

Audiobook versions of both are in the works, further details as things progress.

More in a bit.



Old NFO said...

Nice! And very gracious of you to do that!

Orvan Taurus said...

Nice. Physical book ordered. Now to figure out what ought be in that email.

Rob said...

Been waiting hunderd's of year fer this!!
Okay days maybe.
Now I have both in dead tree edition.
Looking forward to reading out the Ratel saga to the family.

Tyrfing said...
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Tyrfing said...

Thank you for getting them both out in dead tree format. I just ordered the Africa volume in dead tree (and will probably annoy the office staff in my complex until it arrives) and look forward to its arrival. The law enforcement volume has already seen much use and has served as an intro to the joys of LawDog for a few people. Thanks for making my year with these books.

Javahead said...

Signed with your famous fountain pen, no doubt?

Already packed and sent the first book off to my son-in-law, who's about to start at the police academy - I figure it'll help him get in the right mindset.

Anonymous said...

Just finished Law Dog Files, what a great ride! Chihuahuas, Gorilla Suits and 'Dillos, Oh My!

Never having faced one off myself I probably had no business laughing so hard at your encounter with the hog,but the way you told the story I practically pissed myself I was laughing so hard.

Now to order the African book

Rorschach said...

I've already ordered and read the digital editions. Was a bit disappointed that Darwin is a Ritter didn't make the cut, but fun reads either way.

Orvan Taurus said...

Oh my. I see $HOUSEMATE sent a/the email. Bookplate arrived Tuesday. Thank you!

Also: moo.

Mama D said...

Ordered myself both of your books for Christmas and the area around my favorite chair will never be the same again. These books really need to come with a warning along the lines of “not to be consumed with beverages of any kind,” just saying. :) Now going to order both again as gifts for my dad, who is recovering from cancer surgery and really needs a few belly laughs like the ones I had. Highest praise I can offer to you. Happy New Year and please keep the stories coming!

Anonymous said...

Bookplate arrived thanks