Saturday, May 05, 2018


A week or so ago, a news article came across my news feed regarding some of the shareholders for Sturm-Ruger playing silly buggers.

So, when I hit the convention floor, I headed for the Sturm-Ruger booth to ask media-type questions.

Nobody at Ruger would go on record, but I got one of these little jewels:

With the suggestion that I look at the letter at the URL at the bottom of the card.

Didn't really answer my question, though.

When I gently pressed, the Ruger rep assured me that the shareholder kerfuffle was a paper tiger, and nobody was worried about it.

I'm going to take them at their word, but I have to admit that I'm a little concerned by the new tacks the anti-gun folks are taking.

Here's hoping.


Edit:  Bugger!  I forgot to coon-finger the 10mm GP100!  Dammit.



Andrew said...

Thank for the update. Sounds like SR is actually not going to knuckle under, yet.

John Block said...

There's always tomorrow, Dawg...

Jeff Gauch said...

Per your first link there are around 3 million shares explicitly on board with this movement. Out of 17.5 million. If 18% is enough to fundamentally change the course of a company, that company really needs to overhaul its bylaws.

What I think this is really about is Amalgamated Bank and Blackrock attracting the kind of idiot who thinks that Davey Hogg is worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you- loved the mental image of "coon fingering" something. ; )