Thursday, October 25, 2018

Honest politicians

"An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought."
~Simon Cameron

I make no secret of my contempt for the Leftist parasites who, having befouled their own little paradise, are flocking to my beloved Texas with the stated aim of "making Texas just like [Insert Leftist Hellhole Here]".

The number of people who show up around here because Los Angeles is too expensive/ too regulated/ too expensive/ too crime-ridden/ too expensive and immediately start trying to make the Lone Star State into a carbon-copy of the place that they just bloody well left because it was too expensive/ too regulated/ too expensive/ too crime-ridden/ too expensive just make my teeth ache.

My blood pressure is through the roof just thinking about it.

"San Francisco is just too expensive, and I just couldn't bear to live there anymore, not with the kids.  Texas is so nice, but we need to pass just a couple of little laws ..."

Bite me, you parasitic, mouth-breathing, patchouli-reeking, socialist, Big.Gov-loving, regulation-worshiping, juvenile bed-wetters. Get the hell out of my State, you snivelling little 'safe-space' pismires with your delusions of adequacy.

Pack your bums with salt, and go piddle up a rope!  SOMEWHERE. ELSE.


Which brings us to the Left's latest Darling Du Jour, Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke.

Today someone (who really should have known better) breathlessly exclaimed to me that "At least Beto is an honest politician!"

Setting aside the facts that: a) Anyone who puts "politician" and "honest" in the same sentence with neither sarcasm nor irony should not be allowed to vote; and
2) Nobody who dots their cupcakes over any politician should be allowed within three city blocks of a polling booth, let's look at that statement.

If Robert "Beto" O'Rourke is an "honest politician", then using Mr Cameron's elegant definition above, I damned sure don't want him staying bought ... because he's been bought by California (4.1 million as of noon today), New York (2.7 million, noon today), Massachusetts ($930,000), Illinois ($565K), and Washington State ($558K).

Show of paws here:  Who thinks the University of California (owns $82,116 worth of O'Rourke) will let Texas be Texas? Or has a clue what Texas is?  I'll bet they have some really good ideas, though.

Of the top five metro areas fundraising for O'Rourke, number 5 is Los Angeles/Long Beach at one million, three-hundred and forty-eight thousand, five hundred and sixty dollars.  As of noon today.

As the meme goes:
"The fact that New Yorkers and Californians think that the people of Texas should vote for Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is EXACTLY why Texans should not vote for him."

You're damned right.



Old NFO said...

Preach it!!! I'd love to see a bumper sticker that says Veto Beto!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Lawdog;

We have the same problem with the democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, she gets most of her funding from the left coast, and they are trying to do to GA the same thing the did in California and unfortunately many young mouthbreathers here in GA have bought into her snake oil peddling. It will be interesting times in 2018.

Suz said...

Being someone who does not live in Texas, I do not have a dog in this hunt...however, I have noted that Robert Frances O'Rourke certainly doesn't sound, or look like he has even as much Hispanic blood in his veins than as Elizabeth Warren has Indian blood in hers.

So why is he giving the impression that he does by calling himself "Beto", which is a Hispanic nickname for a little boy named Roberto? Certainly is trying for a deceptive impression in my book. Instead of going by the good Irish nickname of "Bobby" that his ancestry includes.

Deception=lies in my book. What else is he lying about?

Skip said...

It's like a cancer. I'm one who is trying to escape Kali. Have kids in Texas, friends in Idaho, and in both places the folks are bitching about being overrun by Californacators bringing their lib ideas with them.
Maybe when all of the Mexicans end up here, there will be room down there for me.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

I suppose it is unconstitutional to ban politicians running for a State office from accepting donations from out of State.


Maybe legislation could be passed requiring all polling places to maintain signs listing all candidates by Party along with the amount of out of state money donated to them.

Jess said...

Beto is a problem, but not nearly as much a problem as the brain-dead voting supporters. There are good solutions for these problems, but they're not polite.

Orvan Taurus said...

Maybe I saw it on PowerLine's This Week in Pictures some time ago, maybe somewhere else. TX bumper sticker:


Jonathan H said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention his run ins with the law and the shenanigans that his family pulled to get him out of trouble...

ScribblersDad said...

This is why the founding fathers set us up so that only people with a stake in the system (property owners) could vote. I saw a headline yesterday stating that over 50% of Americans get more in benefits fro the FedGov than they pay in taxes. We're doomed.

daisysdad01 said...

Amen Law Dog Amen

Nuke Road Warrior said...

LD, it ain't just Texas. Californicators have been infiltrating Idaho since I was in College in the '70s. They'd sell their sub-1000 sq ft cracker box for $500K (over a mill now). move here, buy a 2,500 sq ft McMansion for $100K then bitch that we needed freeways, symphony orchestras, free college, etc. Whenever we talked to potential Califoricators we extolled the virtues of severe winters, no beaches, large populations of dangerous critters (buzz worms, cougars, bears etc), and if we thought they were dumb enough, hostile Indians.

East Of The Pecos said...

The Californication of my beloved Texas is extremely concerning. Granted, here in my dusty border town on the edge of the desert, most stay away, but I'm attuned to what is happening throughout the rest of The Lone Star State.
I wasn't born here, but deep in my bones I always knew I belonged here. It took me just shy of 50 years to make the switch, and I did so with a vow that I would nothing, repeat nothing, to change it. I promptly began the cleansing necessary to wash the Yankee stench off me and assume the persona of a true Texan. In large part, I'm proud to say I've succeeded.
Outside money is having a terrible influence on statewide elections. The small "L" libertarian in me can't come to grips with a ban on it, but if it isn't reigned in, something is going to break.
Robbie's war chest is said to be some 70 million American Pesos. This is mere days before Election Day. That is an insane amount of lucre for a 6 year temp job that pays $174K per year. And his brain dead followers keep filling the coffers.
He doesn't represent Texas, our values, or our way of life (unless, of course, you live in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas).
If we are within 10 points of this whitebread Kennedy wannabe winning, were will we be in 6 years?
God (and Freya) help The Republic!

Anonymous said...

You know, if these Kalipornio Cretins were to actually spend their money on California infrastructure, we'd be in much better shape here.


If I were to move to Texas with my family, I'd make sure to vote Republican. My tastes are more Conservative, anyway. Perhaps Texas should send groups out here to save us from the loonies who run this asylum...

Ulises from CA
(I'm increasingly ashamed with this State's government)

Rod said...

Take it from an El Pasoan, Beto needs to go back to being an Irishman. Supposedly his nanny gave him the nickname, but that doesn't excuse him still using it.
1. He wore a dress in a punk rock band that was so bad, the television show they were on cut them off in the middle of their song.
2. His father, while he was a county judge, was caught with cocaine. A EPPD captain told the arresting officers to destroy the evidence.
3. "Beto" was drunk and hit a parked car then tried to drive away. His arrest disappeared with the help of his country judge father.
4. He then got caught breaking and entering, a college prank according to some. You guessed it, THIS police report was covered up.
5. He married a developer's daughter and received 17 million as a wedding present.
6. He was part of a cabal called the Paso del Norte Group (now Borderplex Alliance) which has tried to gentrify and destroy lower class neighborhoods.
7. He was instrumental in getting a baseball stadium that will ultimately run over the bond price by 20 million dollars.
8. He hasn't sponsored more than ONE bill since he took office.
9. There's allegations that a friend of his, on city council now, stole a computer from Sylvestre Reyes's campaign office.
He's out for himself and the rich of El Paso.

Beans said...

Here in Florida we have Gillum being funded by major outside sources also.

It's almost like someone is planning this, right?

richard mcenroe said...

Boozin' Burglin' Beto Bob has been a flat-out thief in everything he's ever done in life... and a really crappy crossdresser on top of it...

Thornharp said...

UC won't let Texas be Texas? From what I read lately, UT won't let Texas be Texas. (writing from PRC -- that's Peoples' Republic of California)

SewerDweller said...

Speaking up from San Antonio here.

Robert O'Rourke eats his tacos with a fork. My other complaints have been addressed by other people in the comments previous.

LawMom said...

And then there's the sheriff who thinks Texas needs to "come into the modern world" and who insisted that his personnel have, not stars, but badges. (Originally from west of the San Andreas Fault-which, by the way needs to break off and float out to sea.) Echoes of the Lawdog Files book cover, no?

Lyford said...

I don't think it's a state issue as much as a rural/urban one. Heck, in rural NH we feel much the same way about the flatlanders creeping north from the cities in the southern part of the state.
Agree on out-of-state money. I don't want folks like Soros OR the Kochs putting their thumb on the scale.

Zundfolge said...

As a Coloradoan (for now ... after next week we may start looking at Wyoming or South Dakota) I feel your pain.

John Hardin said...

The number of people who show up around here because Los Angeles / San Francisco is too (list of common side effects of liberal policies) ...

As I said recently elsewhere:

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but your California has metastasized."

Tyrfing said...

Californicators, Massholes, and other flatlanders, many of them hippy types, took over and destroyed my beloved home state of Vermont. Colorado and Idaho are going down the same road. Texans, unite! Stop this plague and save your state. Moving into an area is a bit like marrying someone: in both cases it isn't right to do so with the idea that you'll change the other party involved. If you can't accept a person or place as they are, marry someone else or move somewhere else.

AaMcavoy said...

Only way to stop Californication is to limit voting to people with 10+ years (at least two election cycles) of residency. Thirty days of getting mail at an address, then automatic voting rights is the problem. Maybe it worked when you had to walk to your new state, but not now with cars, planes, and >30% of people living in a different state than where they were born.

ED05267 said...

Moving to better run states is good but unfortunately, some of the migrants bring the nanny-state virus with them and it infects the politicians. The virus creates a sense of self importance and omnipotence in knowing what is best for everybody, being self-righteously proud of being tolerant but seeing no reason to tolerate those who disagree with you, and fervently believing that all people and ideas are equal but some are more equal than others.
The effects start with demanding sidewalks & street lights and progresses to restricting everybody from doing things the infected would never want to do. Eventually the burdensome tax rates that prompted the original move are replicated. This virus, in its various forms, can be observed more closely in the concentrated setting of just about any co-op or condominium board.

Javahead said...

Of course, some of us want to leave California just because we're tired of pissing into the wind against these types. Fun fact: the state with the 2nd largest vote total for President Trump was California. It's just that the SF Bay area and LA Basin vote (with Ghu-knows-how-many illegal votes included) swamps them.

I've got strong job and family ties that keep me here. And I like a lot of things - geography and climate, at least - about the SF Bay area. But assuming I can convince my wife and family it's worthwhile to make the move you can bet I won't be voting for the policies and parasites that got us there. And I'll buy at least one illegal-in-California "assault rifle" (ie: modern semi-automatic rifle) and a handgun with a full-sized magazine to celebrate.

Seth from New Hampshire said...

We have the same problem in New Hampshire. All those people who fled Massachusetts. I too fled Massachusetts, but did so to adopt New Hampshire ways.

Sarthurk said...

Texas eh? Oregon was Kalifornicated decades ago. If you want to see how bad it's gonna get for you, visit Portland. But don't stay long, it'll probably make you sick.

Anonymous said...

What Texas is going thru with liberal invaders is what has ruined the state of Maine.A couple generations ago it began with the great sucking sound Ross Perot warned about. Once there was no hope for all our young to get a decent job in this state they started leaving. We saw more and more well off retirees buy up cheap properties. We became a retiree demographic, all the while losing ground to inflationary money policy. I could go on much longer, but I think you all (y'all?) get the picture.

Kenneth said...

I currently live in Massachusetts and would love to move to Texas.
I promise you I would never Massachusetts your Texas, at all.
As evidence I submit my blog.
God Bless Texas!

Anonymous said...

(the prior accurate NY/Cali rant) “brings us to” Beta Boy?

Sorry, no. For some damn unfathomable reason YOUR TX BRETHREN in El Paso brought him to us after damn near bringing him/it to the senate where it could have done some real harm. At least he has no chance at POTUS in the current gaggle of leftist geese and will beneficially soak up some (admittedly ill-gotten) communist cash so it can’t be used elsewhere more destructively.

Ultimately no harm, just entertainment.

Still. YA’LL brung him to the sad, sick socialist dance. Not NYC, not SF or LA, not even the lost territory of Austin or San Antone. Last I heard, unlike those forsaken PWTUTB, El Paso was still a Texas town albeit a borderline (heh) one. Y’all brought him. All y’all.

Jamie said...

Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.This is so nice.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Glad your back. My son moved to Austin this year, here today visiting for the 3rd time. All the Beto bumper stickers make my stomach turn so I am with you. Sad whats happening in Texas and driving amongst the invaders is a pain in the ass as I used to brag on Texas roads and drivers. I know their still here but they apparently are staying off the roads and I don't blame them. I have never passed so many drivers on the right ever but they leave you no choice and then they get upset about it, but that is entertainment for me.