Thursday, August 15, 2019

Free Pineland!

Several times a year 15 counties in southern North Carolina turn into the People's Republic of Pineland, a country friendly to the US that has been overthrown by Soviet-style and -backed (used to be) coup.

Special Forces candidates are then inserted into Pineland where they link up with guerilla elements (US Army typists, mechanics, and other non-SF folks led by retired SF cadre), who are attempting to overthrow the unlawful current government.

Local civilians (usually ROTC kiddies, but with a good sprinkling of locals, including the odd Boy Scout Troop) get in on the action, playing Pineland civilians, CIA agents, State Department types, foreign nationals, media and the like.

Select elements of the 82nd provide the military arm of the opposition government, and hunt the candidates.

The Special Forces candidates will use all of their training to train, lead, and teach the Pineland Resistance Forces to restore the government -- just as they would in a real operation. Boloing this exercise means you fail out of the SF course.

At the National Training Center, OPFOR (OPposition FORces) are the "bad guys" that our military trains against in real time, to develop the realistic skills to adapt against an ever-changing human opponent.

A good part of the time OPFOR hails from the fictional Democratic People's Republic of Krasnovia, loosely based on Soviet tactics, procedures and weapons.

About a year ago, Larry Correia was on Facebook discussing fictional worlds with another writer. During this discussion, Larry made an off-hand joke about Pinelanders, goats, waffles, Krasnovia, sandwiches and "accidental genocide".

Fast forward a year, and a Facebook bot decided that the joke Larry made a year ago violated ...  something ... and tossed him into Facebook Gulag for 24 hours.

When his family, friends, and fans found out about this over at the Monster Hunter fan page on Facebook, they went nuts, and quickly divided into Krasnovian boot-licking pig-dogs sympathisers, and Pineland patriots.  And then proceeded to pun, mock, call for Larry's release, cock a snook at Facebook, and generally have a good old time.

So, if you're a little confused today about all the references to Pineland and Krasnovia, I hope this helps.

The sandwich, waffle, and goat references ... you're on your own.

Free Pineland!



Orvan Taurus said...


Miguel GFZ said...

Free Pineland!


A Reader said...


Jarrad Truog said...

The Joke about Pinelandinans Rapinv goats was recent. A year ago was totally different thing. That was were there was a fake terrorist attack caused by Krasnov Separatists against The Neu Saxony Princess. Larry then defended the Krasnovians saying they had been framed

Talbotthemad said...

Vaffle, vaffle ├╝ber sandvich!

Old NFO said...

Krasnovia also plays in the Navy world as orange too. And the bastages keep moving their damn borders and islands... Sigh...

Raptor said...

Death to Pinelandian Pig Dogs! All glory and sanvichez to Beautiful Krasnovia!!!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Lawdog;

This incident will surpass the Great Cookie Monster caper several years ago. Krasnovia Comrades is the place to be. not like that wimpy place called Pineland,

Professor Badness said...

This sounds like so much fun, I'm almost sorry I'm not on facebook.

Anonymous said...

This has seriously taken over both Larry's feed AND the MHI:HU feed. We're on day 4 or 5 and it's still going strong. Epic slapping Fecesbook upside the snout.

Anonymous said...

MrGarabaldi, I must correct you. This is just in jest, the Cookie Monster is real.

Sarah A. Hoyt said...

Krasnovia forever! Genocide* sandwiches for everyone.

*The genocide is a small very aggressive moose** of subterranean habit that inhabits the glorious Krasnovian mountains.
**small aggressive squirrels of subterranean habit that inhabit the glorious Krasnovian mountains are just normal ground squirrels.

Civis Krasnovian Sum! Pass the waffles.

(for the unitiated, no, I'm not this crazy all the time. Only when yard projects keep me from writing.)

waepnedmann said...

Beware the horse trailers!

Anonymous said...

Get in on the fun on mewe. We're pretty certain the Monster Hunter Nation will be imminently zucked by chucklefuck & his legions of ban bots.

So, we have the MHN secondary base on mewe which is anti-snooping and anti-censorship.