Tuesday, August 18, 2020

No, cupcake. Now what?

Whole bunch of Pantifa, (Some) Black Lives Matter, random anarchist/Marxist/nihilist groups getting their tenders all up in a cramp because people are posing pictures and videos of their nightly exploits on the InterToobz, the constabulary are using the pics to snatch up up their buddies; and they would like folks to stop posting such.

I am, as the man said, disinclined to acquiesce to your request.

And, truth be told, I really don't care if your little dacoit buddies are getting turfed into the hoosegow. Matters not one whit to me. Matter of fact, if your Progressive allies in office want to get your felonious buddies out, and drop charges altogether, that's fine. Get on with your bad selves.

How-some-ever, I want the public to see what your "progressive" movement is actually like. I want the voting public to be spoon-fed your "progressive" antics until they are sick unto nausea about it, and then I want that same voting public's (metaphorical) nose rubbed in your "progressivism" until it gets through their little heads that some of them voted the politicians in place who have fostered this bushwa, who tolerate the violence, and who endorsed the anarchy.

I want the voting public to finally get tired of paying the salaries of university professors who spark-plug this mess.

I want the voting public to be so ashamed of their complicity in voting for those idiots, and so enraged at your antics that they use the polls and their wallets to land on the Progressive movement like the fist of a furious and wrathful god.

So. No, I will not stop posting pictures and videos of rioters. I will not stop adding commentary that makes those pictures and videos stick in viewer's minds.

Nothing but love,



Anonymous said...


Many of the rioters also need to be taken behind the woodshed.

Many more such instigators ought to be sent to Somalia or Yemen, there to eek out a hard scrabble life.

The polĂ­ticos who ride this wave of barbarism should be locked in a well lit closed room with a glass of tea, a ham sandwich, & a wheelgun. One bullet. The room ought to be located in a deserted area, like Death Valley in summer. Authorities would return after a week to bury the deceased. Why? Because they ought to have known better!

Ulises from CA

Old NFO said...

I'm still in favor of firing squads. That way there isn't an recidivism... Just sayin...

Heath J said...

76 days.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

+1 OldNFO.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Lawdog;

I like Old NFO's idea....and keep publishing all the antics of antifa and all the other idiots, keep reminding the regular people who is behind this and who sponsors this and pushing this until the elections.

Beans said...

I keep on coming back to the riot-control vehicles in "Soylent Green."

Announce "You have 15 seconds to begin to leave the area, then cleanup will commence."

Maybe give them 30 seconds. Maybe jump the gun. Maybe even forget to turn the loudspeaker on.

A man can dream.

Rey B said...

I like Old NFO's idea although Beans gave me a giggle. Some of those politicians that keep backing this need a Pinochet Plunge. More refreshing than Nestea.

TheWriterInBlack said...

Hey, Cupcake, how about you stop rioting. That way there won't be anything to video and no videos to post.

Old NFO said...

Another one bites the dust... https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/aug/19/larry-williams-jr-air-force-airman-charged-utah-ri/

BadFrog said...

Dacoit. A word that needs re-introduced to every day usage.