Monday, March 14, 2022

2022 Convention Schedule

At the urging of the ladies, the North Texas Troublemakers are going to start having BABLs* at conventions.

Since these will involve having the authors, you know, be there - and given that several of the afore-mentioned books will be mine - I suppose I should make an appearance.

So far, these are the conventions I will be attending:

29 APR 22 to 1 MAY 22
Tulsa, Oklahoma

17 JUN 22 to 19 JUN 22
Chattanooga, Tennessee

16 SEP 22 to 18 SEP 22
DFW, Texas

Others may pop up, but these are the ones scheduled so far.


*Big Arsed Book Launch. Apparently it's going to be a party. I just go where I'm told.


Ray said...

I'll see you at LibertyCon. Assuming I can get a third mortgage for the gas to drive there.

MAJ Arkay said...

See you at Tulcon, maybe Fencon. Chattanooga is a bridge too far this year.