Sunday, March 13, 2022

That's bloody annoying


For some reason Blogger went back and changed all of my links to redirect to the Blogger homepage.

That's really bloody annoying, particularly since I double-check these posts to make sure that everything in my post is doing what it's supposed to be doing.




hydraulic designer said...

Just so you know, we missed you these last months.

Aaron said...

Good to see you back and blogging. Following you on FBook is one thing, but seejgn your blog active is happy-making.

Anonymous said...

Now if only Duck-Duck-Go would stop filtering you out. From work (no personal bookmarks) I used to be able to type "lawdog" into the search engine, and your blog was almost always #1, (maybe #2, but only for a few days).

For the last couple of months, using the search engine proved fruitless. I finally ended up searching for Peter's blog, then backing in to yours from his. I have your blog bookmarked on my home computer, but just now tried the search function in DDG instead. Still not working. And then I thought, what if it's a Firefox browser thing? Nope. Downloaded Chrome, set browser to DDG, and, still Nada.


Cedar said...

Sam, it will take time and traffic for Lawdog’s blog to come up high in the search engines. So share him widely!

Anonymous said...

Cedar -

For years he was #1, then all of a sudden, the blog was absolutely missing. No gradual drop to #3, #5, #10 - just plain missing.


jen said...

I'm so glad you're back!