Sunday, April 24, 2022


Wow, people are suddenly interested in Maltese history -- I've received several requests for reading material on the history of Malta.

I'd like to take this time to point out that we're still accepting submissions of short stories about Malta. If you have a story that is about 5,000 words to about 8,000 words, is entertaining, and involves Malta in some way, send it to:

anthology.malta (at) (g)(mail).com

You'll need to remove the brackets first, though. Death to spambots!

Anyhoo, on to books about Maltese history! 

Any such list has to start with Ernle Bradford, in particular "Knights of the Order", "The Great Siege, Malta 1565", and "The Shield and The Sword".

Roger Crowley, "Empires of the Sea" is excellent, too.

For a more modern book -- World War 2, we've got a fictional book by Nicholas Monsarrat, "The Kappillan of Malta".

Prehistory gets a little dry, but start with David Trump's "Malta. Prehistory and Temples", and then on to Anthony Bonnano "Malta - Phoenician, Punic and Roman".

Pre-Knights of St. John, try "Malta - The Medieval Millennium" by Charles Dalli.

I'd like to thank Peter Grant for the first five suggestions, and as more come to mind we'll update.


Thursday, April 21, 2022

Ghosts of Malta is live!


Alchemists, Saints and Heroes have all made their way to this place, defended its walls, and added to its ranks of ghosts and lore.

Besieged, battered, and bombed, this archipelago has seen every tide of war, turmoil, and more than a few bits of piracy. It's also been the land of courage, resilience, and grace under fire.

Ten authors have set out to bring you tales of the ghosts of Malta past, present, and future. Open the pages and meet the ancient guardians, ghost cats and inter dimensional spies that will be your guide...


Monday, April 18, 2022

Cover for 'Ghosts of Malta'

Not going to lie, I'm a little thrilled right now.


Malta anthologies

Ghosts of Malta goes live in a couple of weeks, and I've received some questions which seem to indicate that folks think that submissions are closed.

We've still got to fill Knights of Malta, so:

Yes, I am still accepting stories for the Malta Anthologies.

I will be accepting submissions probably until early August, with an eye to launching the second anthology at FenCon.

5,000 to 8,000 words, but length is negotiable.

It must be entertaining, all else is subordinate to this.

It has to involve Malta in some way.

It DOES NOT need to be about ghosts or knights -- those are just the titles.

Submissions need to have your name on there somewhere. Please.

Submit stories to:
anthology.malta (at) (g)mail-dot-com

Of course, you should remove the parenthesis, the spaces, and the dashes in that address. (Spambots Must Die!)


We will be doing to the Official Book Launch for Ghosts of Malta at Tulkon -- and the Launch Party is going to be fairly spectacular from what I've seen so far. If you can go, it looks to be a pretty good time.


Sunday, April 10, 2022


"It Came From The Trailer Park" is a finalist for the Imadjinn Award for Best Anthology at the 2022 Imaginarium Convention.

Since I have a story in that anthology, I'm pretty tickled about the whole thing.


Dr Rogneby's Phlogistonic Nostrum

Well, another Foolzcon is in the bag.

For those of y'all who remember the old Phlegmfests, this is what took over for Herself's weekend-long parties in 2020, under the steady hand of OldNFO.

It is a weekend for tribe (and authors) to gather and just ... converse. Jonna Hayden refers to it as a "Relaxacon", and there is absolutely no structure to it. Folks bring drink, and food, and lively conversation is had, with much laughter.

And while there are absolutely no panels, I found myself outside on the porch in an informal "No [Deleted], There I Was" not-panel that went over three hours, with much giggling and the occasional Dr Pepper Sinusoidal Lavage.

Saturday evening, I had buried the needle on my People-Meter, was sitting on the unoccupied side of the venue, trying to breathe, and my friend Tom Rogneby stepped out, put a cup of something in my hand, and we sat, sipped cocktails, and watched the Texas sunset.

Kith are people who understand.

Dr Rogneby's Phlogistonic Nostrum:

1 part good root beer

Mix, pour over a bit of ice, and hand to vibrating introvert. Sip slowly.

A good time, and a good start to the convention season.

See y'all at Tulkon.