Sunday, April 10, 2022

Dr Rogneby's Phlogistonic Nostrum

Well, another Foolzcon is in the bag.

For those of y'all who remember the old Phlegmfests, this is what took over for Herself's weekend-long parties in 2020, under the steady hand of OldNFO.

It is a weekend for tribe (and authors) to gather and just ... converse. Jonna Hayden refers to it as a "Relaxacon", and there is absolutely no structure to it. Folks bring drink, and food, and lively conversation is had, with much laughter.

And while there are absolutely no panels, I found myself outside on the porch in an informal "No [Deleted], There I Was" not-panel that went over three hours, with much giggling and the occasional Dr Pepper Sinusoidal Lavage.

Saturday evening, I had buried the needle on my People-Meter, was sitting on the unoccupied side of the venue, trying to breathe, and my friend Tom Rogneby stepped out, put a cup of something in my hand, and we sat, sipped cocktails, and watched the Texas sunset.

Kith are people who understand.

Dr Rogneby's Phlogistonic Nostrum:

1 part good root beer

Mix, pour over a bit of ice, and hand to vibrating introvert. Sip slowly.

A good time, and a good start to the convention season.

See y'all at Tulkon.



Cedar said...

It was such a good weekend. A quiet drink with a sunset sounds like it was idyllic.

BGnad said...

Had great fun.

J Van Stry said...

I had a great time. It's nice to just be able to sit around and laugh.
Though a few times I too went and had some alone time.

The_Hankerchief said...

Wish I coulda stayed the whole weekend. It was good to get to see you and the whole gang, old faces and new. Thanks for having me!

The Wicked Duke said...

It was a very fine time: mostly it was just *great* to be among my tribe.

willconsult4food said...

Confound it, I would pay the price of admission at Tulkon to get your book signed. I'll be down the turnpike in OKC that weekend.
Maybe next time.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Lawdog

Had a blast hanging with people like me, looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Old NFO said...

Survived another one... :-)

Aaron said...

Yep, Tom is good people. I really should get out to one of these conventions sometime.

MAJ Arkay said...

We had a wonderful time. Too bad we had to leave so early. I think next year we'll try to stay another day.

Tom said...

Glad you liked it. I needed some quiet time too, so thanks for sharing the porch.

Silent Draco said...

Thanks for sharing the nostrum. I need just such an elixir under similar population densities.

Sounds like it was a wondrous occasion, and glad that all y'all enjoyed immensely.

CDH said...

You talked me into trying your nostrum. Luckily the Bourbon Cream was in stock at the local store. I learned something new (and good!) today. Life is good!