Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Now hear this

Due entirely to Jack Wylder -- and y'all -- we have crowdfunded a move from Blogger to a safe hosting site.

Jack is going to be negotiating the nightmare of spaghetti code that is Blogger, and will be moving the entirety of this blog ... sometime along in here.

When it gets moved, we'll leave a re-direct here, and I'll make a wide announcement on my social media and on the North Texas Troublemakers site. Probably make a couple of announcements on the Livestream, too.


Monday, June 13, 2022


I am in the process of getting my rights back on both books of the LawDog Files, and my publisher has informed me that the publishing house has pulled my books from Amazon.

There is at least one source for "new" copies of The LawDog Files on Amazon, please be advised that I'm not getting paid from any of these sales.

I say again: If you buy new copies of my books from Amazon -- or any other internet site, come to think -- I'm receiving ZERO royalties from that sale.

Please let anybody who's interested know.

There will be new copies of both books coming out in the near future, and I'll make the announcement later in the year.

Thank you,


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Red Flag laws. Again.

Sure as the gods made little green apples, Red Flag laws are back in the headlines.

For the people who think these are a great idea, I have one simple question:

How many people have been convicted of misusing a Red Flag law?

Whatever you want to call it -- "Misusing", "False filing", "Obtaining under perjury", whatever -- a fraudulently-obtained Red Flag law denies the person it was obtained against a civil right. Civil rights that the Government should be bending over backwards to protect.

The first Red Flag law was passed in 1999. 23 years ago. People are people, and someone has blatantly lied to obtain a Red Flag order against someone.

Someone in the last 23 years has misused a Red Flag law to harass someone else.

So. Show me their conviction for doing so.

I know about the time someone tried to get a Red Flag order against the cops, and that doesn't count -- some animals being more equal to other animals, and all that.

I'm talking about Joe Average having his civil rights taken away for a year with a misused Red Flag order. It has happened -- we all know that it has happened -- and I want to see the criminal record of the person who fraudulently deprived someone else of their Second Amendment right for a year.

Any claim of "Well, they're so well checked that it's never been abused" it complete and utter horse-puckey -- I was in law enforcement for 26 years, that isn't going to fly.

Absent a conviction, I will accept the name of a judge who rubber-stamped every Red Flag request to cross his desk, never turned one down, and was removed from office because of it.

If you don't have that information, then your opinion on Red Flag laws means nothing; and you should be ignored.